3 Critical Reasons to Monitor Employee Computer Usage

Posted on 11 june 2016 by Admin   |   Employee Monitor, Workers 11

Do you keep track of worker computer system use in your small company? You may believe that the majority of workers' online activities are safe: a YouTube video here, an individual e-mail there, discussing the current images and updates on their preferred social networking website. If this is a routine event in your business, you might be putting your business at severe danger. It's essential to monitor your staff member web and computer system use, whether your business Refog keylogger has 5 or 50 workers. Here are 3 vital needs to monitor your workers computer system use:

Important Reasons To Monitor Employee Computer Usage # 1: Maximize Productivity

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Ways to Monitor Employees' Computers to Protect Your Business

Posted on 09 june 2016 by Admin   |  Employee Monitor, Workers 11

Numerous companies do not know ways to keep track of workers' computer systems to safeguard their own business interests, which is costing them as much as numerous countless dollars in lost performance a year, in addition to putting their business in serious threat of the online dangers that are out there. Identity and copyright theft are big expenses that threaten to paralyze any business whose owner does unknown the best ways to keep an eye on workers' computer systems, despite how credible the workers in concern are thought about. Here's why every company needs to understand ways to keep an eye on workers' computer systems to safeguard their business.

Why You Must Know How To Monitor Employees' Computers To Protect Your Business.

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